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Birthdate:Oct 8, 1977
I'm a 33 year old Mexican female, asexual and slowly trying to stop moving toward being labeled as a schizoid. My primary language is Spanish, but I think of myself as fairly fluent in English too. I am a fandom lover who also follows (both serious and odd) news, as well as other people's RL. I might not comment frequently in other people's posts, but I most frequently than not read them.

I will (probably) never spam your reading list if you decide to subscribe to my journal, although I sometimes post images and videos. Nonetheless, whenever they are image/video heavy I use cuts, to avoid affecting others. I also try to keep images on a manageable size, although I know what I find manageable might not be so for some of you. I do confess myself guilty of an overuse of tags, though.

My journal is kind of eclectic. I post about being asexual, genderless, Mexican and Latina. I post about my cat, my health problems and the weather (hurricanes love my part of the world). I ask questions, and don't mind if nobody answers them. Also, I make icons, usually dreamsheep icons (see below). In my reading, I'm interested in random stuff -- you'll find that my most used tag is, precisely, random random.

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